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Updated: Nov 29, 2019

This is my new website in order to share what the Lord has lead me to do in His Kingdom! I was born and raised as a Christian but received the infilling of the Holy Spirit in 1996. In the past I have been involved in nursing home services, bus ministry, church librarian, Sunday school teacher, church security. I am sharing this information not to puff myself up, but to evangelize and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world!

I attended Bible college at Purpose Institute, and graduated with a four-year degree in Ministerial Studies in 2011. I received my Masters degree in Biblical Studies from Apostolic Theological Seminary and Bible College in 2019. There are links to both schools on this website.

I have written two books that are available for purchase on One is called "The Basics of Biblical Hermeneutics," it is a textbook of how to properly interpret the Bible. The second one is called "Love Without Limits," it is a collection of stories that I have heard from patients and their family members. There are links to both of my books on the website.

I currently write two blogs. One is called "Hospice Volunteer Stories." It is a blog about my adventures in being a hospice volunteer. I have been a hospice volunteer for over ten years! The second blog s called "Biblical Hermeneutics." It is a collection of my writing on the subject of biblical hermeneutics. There are links to both blogs on this website.

I also teach Bible Lessons on YouTube. My YouTube channel is called "Brother Roop teaches the Bible." I teach a lesson on every verse, starting with the Book of Acts! There is a link to the channel on this website.

I hope you will enjoy the offering that I have and feel free to contact me at any time for any reason. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless your life!

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