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Today we had an amazing Holy Ghost service. We not only were served by one another, but the Lord gave three people in the service the same thing to read. One sister remarked that she had her bible turned to and was reading from a certain scripture when one of the ministers got up to speak. Amen! Yes, you can have a full meal in Jesus, not just one course but including an appetizer, the meal, salad, sides, and then dessert and coffee. In our cases, it was water and wonderful chocolate walnut brownies baked by Sis. Gretchen Crappell Roop. What a blessing today was! Also, Brother Bill Roop ministered among the saints, and he blessed us by speaking about the white garment we will receive from Jesus! We will never forget today's messages as they were amazing. Great job to everyone who spoke, ministered and encouraged. I know I left after having heard from the Holy Ghost. I have not mentioned all the names, but you know who you are. Thank you for all being so faithful and such a blessing.

This was a testimonial by Professor Dana Klein

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